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Happy Jona – frequently asked questions

A constant thematization of gender differences contributes to overestimating them and thus consolidating stereotypes. So why do we make them a theme again? The gender of a person is probably the most important characteristic for us. You may not remember the hair color of the burglar, but you probably know his sex without paying attention to it. As long as we have stereotypes, we unconsciously apply them permanently and suffer the consequences accordingly. In order to break stereotypes, we need to recall and correct them, because our consciousness can be controlled in contrast to the subconscious - the goal must always be to develop a positive understanding of female and male identity and a stable self-esteem.
The biggest problem with stereotypes is the evaluations that accompany them. To disparage foreign groups and to upgrade one's own groups builds our self-esteem. In the case of gender, however, there is an asymmetric evaluation. In general, the male gender tends to be upgraded and the female gender tends to be downgraded. This is reflected among other things in the self-image of children. Girls trust themselves to do less than they actually do. Boys, on the other hand, overestimate themselves.
Actually congenital gender differences are probably much smaller than you think. However, stereotypes cannot simply be erased. A solid approach begins by learning the real differences and their background. For this reason, we have prepared the knowledge from all studies on gender differences for you.
Happy Jona started in August 2019. So we are still at the very beginning and will build many more topics. Instead of scratching many topics superficially, we start with the most important topic for our children and work on it thoroughly. The next topic will follow.